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Green Card Renewal


Assistance with Renewals of Alien Cards-Green Card

For lawful permanent residents whose alien cards are expiring and or have expired, the Center assists with the process of renewal. Quite often, this process involves the filing of a  form I-90 .

However, it is possible that the filing of a form I-90 could trigger institution of removal proceedings against lawful permanent residents who may be deportable because such person may have been convicted of certain criminal offense, usually an aggravated felony or two or more crimes involving moral turpitude.

Again, the Center ensures that only applicants seeking renewals without deportable criminal convictions file such applications.


New Americans Center

Office Location: T8-108C
Phone: 718-368-5600

Weekday Hours:

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 Erick Myssura, Esq

Managing Attorney 

Nyozi Fraser
Legal Coordinator/Paralegal 

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Paralegal/College Assistant