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Citizenship Application


Assistance with Citizenship Application

The Center assists eligible lawful permanent residents with the completion and filing of applications for naturalizations also known as the  N-400 .

To become a United States citizen, applicants must have resided in the United States as lawful permanent residents continuously for at least three years for those qualifying through marriage to United States citizens, and five years for others. Applicants may also qualify through service in the United States military. Such applicants are subject to different residency requirements.

In addition, applicants must be persons of good moral character and in cases where applicants have been arrested, the Center often advises such applicants to obtain records of such arrests and or convictions before a decision is made whether to file the application or not. All applicants for naturalization must be 18 years old and must have a basic knowledge of U.S government and U.S. history. For further information and assistance, contact the New American Center at:

New Americans Center
Office Location:T8-108C

2001 Oriental Boulevard
Brooklyn, New York 11235