Captain Robert Stiglitz

Chief Laboratory Technician/Adjunct Instructor, Office of Maritime Technology

Captain Stiglitzs’ love for the sea began when he had the opportunity to sail as a crewmember aboard a 41 foot ketch departing Long Island to the island of Bermuda. He has made several additional sails to Bermuda as a race participant in the Marion, MA to Bermuda Race, sailed the coast of Argentina, as well as sailing in several Around Long Island Regattas.

A graduate of Queens College, Captain Stiglitz earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and has Coast Guard endorsements for Auxiliary Sail, Assistance Towing and RADAR Observer. In addition, Captain Stiglitz is a certified Divemaster with Boat Diver, Drift Diver and Deep Diver specialties.

Captain Stiglitz joined the Kingsborough community in 1989 as Director of the Continuing Education Sailing School and was subsequently hired as an Adjunct Instructor in what was then the Office of Marine Education, now the Office of Maritime Technology.

 Captain Stiglitz currently owns a “Classic Plastic” 41 foot sloop and sails the North Shore of Long Island, the Connecticut coast and southern New England.


Coastal Piloting and Seamanship

Vessel Technology

Marina Operations

Marine Propulsion Systems


Sailing (Continuing Education)

Personal Interests




auto mechanics

amateur radio

searching garage and estate sales for items to be refinished or repurposed