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John Keller

Assistant Professor



John M. Keller has worked in the English Department at Kingsborough since 2003. A novelist and screenwriter, he is interested in inspiring creativity and originality in the classroom, and his courses often involve explorations into the ways we use language, its structure, form and art. A veteran of Kingsborough’s dynamic learning communities, and a member of the ACE ESL founding group, he is happy to have had the pleasure to work closely with colleagues from a number of departments. His work with Kingsborough’s diverse student body is of his greatest joys.


ENG 91 – Developmental English
ENG 12 – Freshman English
ENG 24 – Investigation & Research
ENG 30 – Introduction to Literature
ENG 40 – Short Fiction
ENG 56 – Creative Writing: Fiction
JRL 31 – Introduction to Journalism
JRL 44 – Feature/Magazine Writing
ESL 82 – Accelerated ESL Program
ENG 82 – Integrative Language Seminar


Master of Fine Arts, Fiction Writing, City University of New York, Brooklyn College
Bachelor of Journalism, University of Missouri-Columbia

College Teaching

John M. Keller has taught at Kingsborough since 2003. He has been a visiting professor at the Universidad de las Américas in Puebla, Mexico, the Universidad de Montevideo in Uruguay and St. Xavier’s College in Bombay, India.

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources

Selected Publications: Fiction
A Bald Man With No Hair and Other Stories (2012)
Know Your Baker (2013)
The Box and the Briefcase, the Moleque and the Old Man and the First Coming of the Second Son of God(2014)

English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian

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