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Communications and Performing Arts


Phone: (718) 368-5591
Email: Gordon.Young@kbcc.cuny.edu
Office Location: E-309, E Cluster

Alley Young

Dr. Gordon Alley-Young is a Professor of Speech Communication and the Department Chairperson in the Department of Communications & Performing Arts at Kingsborough Community College – City University of New York (CUNY). He possesses an undergraduate degree in Communication from Cape Breton University (Nova Scotia, Canada), two Masters degrees, one in Communication and one in Women’s Studies, from the University of Maine and a PhD in Communication from Southern Illinois University. His research focuses on intercultural communication and (post)colonialism within popular culture and critical perspectives on education, culture, identity, gender, class and sexuality. His research appears in the edited books Mirror Images: Popular Culture and Education (Peter Lang, 2008) that was translated into Spanish as Cultura Popular y Educación. Imágenes Espejadas (Miño y Dávila, 2011) and the Turkish volume Medya Eleştirileri 2010: Kırılan Kalıplar 1: Kitle İletişimi 've ültürel Dönüşüm(Beta Academic, 2011) that was published in English as Media Critics 2010 Broken Frames 1: Mass Communication and Cultural Transformation (Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2012). His journal articles include Articulating Identity: Refining Postcolonial and Whiteness Perspectives on Race within Communication Studies (Review of Communication, 2008) and Using ‘The Lure of Gang Life’ to Teach Interpersonal and Group Attraction (Communication Teacher, 2009). He is a former book review co-editor forAmerican Communication Journal and has published book reviews in over twenty-five regional, national, and international journals. He is a past president of CLASP: The CUNY League of Active Speech Professors.


MCM 30: Mass Media 
SPE 10: Introduction to Communication Studies
SPE 11: Listening and Speaking Skills

SPE 12: Interpersonal Communication 
SPE 21: Effective Public Speaking 
SPE 25: Small Group Communication 
SPE 26: Intercultural Communication


Bachelor of Arts:    Cape Breton University, Communication, 1997 
Advisor: Dr. Judith Rolls 
Master of Arts:      University of Maine, Communication, 1999 
Advisor: Dr. Kristin Langellier 
Master of Arts       University of Maine, Women’s Studies Concentration, 2001 
Liberal Studies:      Advisor: Dr. Kristin Langellier 
Doctor of Philosophy:  Southern Illinois University, Speech Communication, 2004 
Advisor: Dr. Mary Hinchcliff-Pelias

College Teaching

Lab facilitator:Cape Breton University, Communication Department, 1996/97

Graduate instructor:University of Maine, Communication Department, 1997/99

Lecturer:University of Maine, Communication Department, 2000

Graduate instructor:University of Maine, Women’s Studies Department, 2001

Graduate instructor:Southern Illinois University, Speech Communication Department, 2001/04

Assistant professor:Kingsborough/CUNY, Communications Department, 2004/09

Associate professor:Kingsborough/CUNY, Communications Department, 2009/13

Professor:Kingsborough/CUNY, Communications Department, 2013-present

Selected Publications and/or Other Resources

(2005). An individual's experience: A socio-cultural critique of communication apprehension research. Texas Speech Communication Journal, 30(1), 36-46. 

(2006). Celebrate diversity, even if that includes the hopelessly superficial: Lessons on gender, race, class and sexuality in Legally Blonde. NDJST: The North Dakota Journal of Speech & Theatre, 19, 14-25. 

(2007). Two weddings and a monsoon: Analyzing the intersections of mass communication and culture using Monsoon Wedding. In Narro & Ferguson (Eds.). Diversity & Mass Communication: Evidence of Impact (pp. 267-284). Southlake, TX: Fountainhead. 

(2008). Space and the body in the rhetoric of Frederick Douglass and Virginia Woolf. Florida Journal of Communication, 37(1), 47-56. 

(2008). Articulating identity: Refining postcolonial and whiteness perspectives on race within communication studies. Communication Review, 8(3), 307-321. 

(2008). Dear Gerald…Using advice letter writing to teach the concept of codependence. Texas Speech Communication Journal, 33(1),78-81. 

(2008). "Try to see this movie as an educational movie about life will you": A critical cultural study of race and education in popular film. In Bekerman, Burbules, Giroux, & Silberman-Keller (Eds.). Mirror Images: Popular Culture & Education (pp. 23-38). New York: Peter Lang. Spanish version Cultura popular y educacion. Imágenes espejadas by Miño y Dávila (Argentina). 

(2009). Using 'The Lure of Gang Life' to teach interpersonal and group attraction. Communication Teacher, 23(1), 48-51. 

(2010). From the outskirts and the back of the class: Representation, eurocentrism and media imperialism in two popular French education films. In Uslu (Ed.). Media Critics 2010. Turkey: Beta Academic/Germany: Peter Lang. Turkish version by Beta Academic (Turkey) and English version by Peter Lang (Germany).

(2011). She has 50,000 coaches: Re-envisioning young women of color as learners in three popular films. In Brunson, Lampl, & Jordan-Jackson (Eds.). Interracial Communication: Contexts, Communities, and Choices (pp. 427- 444). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.

(2012). From the outskirts and the back of the class: Representation, eurocentrism and media imperialism in two popular French education films. In C. Bilgili & N.T. Akbulut (Eds.) (2012). Media Critiques 2011: Broken Grounds 1: Mass Communication and Transformation (pp. 239-257). Sofia, Bulgaria: Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House.

(2013). Bu kimin peçesidir? Sosyal medya yoluyla Müslüman kadın kimliğini sorgulamak, yaratmak 've aymak (pp. 93-120). In C. Bilgili, N.T. Akbulut, Z.K. Uslu & G. S. Ulagay (Eds.) (2013). Medya Eleştirileri 2013: Sosyal Medya 've ğ Toplumu-2: Kültür Kimlik Siyaset. İstanbul, Türkiye: Beslenme Saati.

(2014). Bigger, fatter, gypsier: Gender spectacles and cultural frontlines in My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding. In A.F. Slade, A.J. Narro & B.P. Buchanan (Eds.) Reality television: Oddities of Culture (pp. 123-141). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

(2014/2015). [The] Earl had to die: Teaching popular murder ballads and oral traditions via The Dixie Chicks. JCSTAND: Journal of Communication, Speech and Theatre Association of North Dakota27, 45-51.

(2016). Technology Tools for Students with Autism: Innovations that Enhance Independence and Learning [Book review]. Canadian Journal Of Communication41(3), 521-523.

(2017). Creating digital videos in an ESL learning community to develop communication skills and content area knowledge. In S.P. Ferris & H. Wilder (Eds.), Unplugging the classroom: Teaching with technologies to promote students' lifelong learning (pp.13-35). Cambridge, MA: Elsevier.

Research Interests

Intercultural communication
Interpersonal communication
Popular cultural studies
Critical perspectives on identity and education

Awards Recognition, Distinctions and Grants


Ann Terry Graduation Scholarship Recipient, Cape Breton University, 1997
Atlantic Provinces Graduate Tuition Scholarship (offer declined), University of Maine, 1997 


Finalist for Speech Dept. Research and Creative Activity Award, Southern Illinois University, 2003 
Preliminary examinations designated "Pass with Distinction," Southern Illinois University, 2003 
Top paper runner-up in the Voices of Diversity interest group at the Eastern Communication Association Annual Convention, 2005 

Top faculty paper in the Popular Communication division at the Southern States Communication Association Annual convention, 2017


(with Shauna Vey and Patricia Sokolski) $10,000 CUNY Faculty Development Grant, 2007-08

Institutional Affiliations / Professional Societies

National Communication Association
Southern States Communication Association

Personal Interests

Travel, reading, watching films set in schools or dealing with teachers and/or students, and 
spending time with friends and family.