·  Algorithm Design and Analysis

·  Constraint Programming and Operation Research

·  Cyber Security

·  Fiber Optics





 TEC 5300-WEBSITE TECHNOLOGY I (3 crs. 4 hrs.)

Basic conventions of website construction, technology and terminology. Websites will be constructed for publication on the World Wide Web.  Pre/Corequisite: TEC 5700

 TEC 5400 – WEBSITE TECHNOLOGY II (3 crs. 4 hrs.)

Second course in website technology will further refine skills learned in Website Technology I, explore requisite computer skills for building e-commerce websites and the non-technical concepts upon which e-commerce is based.

Prerequisite: TEC 5300 or departmental permission

 TEC 5500 – WEBSITE TECHNOLOGY III (3 crs. 4 hrs.)

Third course in website technology build on skills learned in Website Technology I and II. Focus on critical analysis of websites on the Internet, websites developed by course participants and case studies.

Prerequisite: TEC 5300 or departmental permission

ADM 2500 – E-BUSINESS TECHNOLOGIES (3 crs. 3 hrs.)

The technical and strategic aspects of successful eBusiness. Topics include: tools and technologies for creating a website, characteristics of successful website, security issues, legal and ethical issues, internet information services, and data mining and global eBusiness. Case studies will also be discussed.

BA 6000 – INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER CONCEPTS (3 crs. 4 hrs.) Lab-oriented course introduces microcomputer hardware and software, emphasizing the “Big Four” business applications: word processing, electronic spreadsheets, database management, and presentation graphics. Conceptual and operational skills necessary to successfully compete in the modern technological business environment. Not open to Computer Information System Majors. Students who completed CP 1100 or CIS 1100 will not receive credit for this course.