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The Office of Events Management is here to help you plan your event.

We will

  • Reserve meeting space. Meeting space is limited. Plan early.
    For large programs (125 guests or more), call us 6 to 9 months in advance.
  • Plan meeting logistics (room design, room setup {including the placement of tables, chairs, and staging}, audio visual support)
  • Keep Security informed on the details of your event. This will ensure easy access to campus for your meeting participants.
  • Alert Laborers, Custodial Services, Maintenance, and HVAC of your meeting needs
  • Supply requested audio visual equipment to enhance your presentations (equipment includes an overhead projector, LCD projector with laptop computer, TV/VCR or DVD, microphone, lighting equipment, etc.)

Some Things to Remember :

Discuss large events with us early on. We are here to make sure that your event is the best that it can be and we can help you achieve your best results.

E-mail Events Management at to reserve a meeting room BEFORE you commit to an event. Space is a limited resource. For large programs (125 participants or more) consider making a room reservation 6 to 9 months in advance of your event.

Fill out a Meeting Arrangements Form and obtain all necessary signatures as indicated on the form. Return this form to us at least 8 business days prior to your event but no earlier than one month before. This timeline was created so we have enough time to gather information on your event and relate the most current details to our support departments.

If you wish to order refreshments for an event on campus from the college food service, Panda House, please consult the Events Management Webpage for detailed instructions.  It is wise to initiate your food order form approximately 12 days in advance in order to determine your source of funds, obtain pricing from Panda House and obtain the required signatures on your Food Order Form.   Feel free to call us if you wish to discuss an upcoming event or need guidance / suggestions with menu planning.



Paul Winnick
Director of Operations,
Performing Arts & Event Facilities

Edward Rohrlich
Assistant Director of Operations,
Performing Arts & Event Facilities

Kate Wayler
Events Manager

Chris Calafiore
Media Services Technician

Phil Cassata
Broadcast Associate

Lori Hockfeld
College Assistant

We are located in room U-226/U228 (College Center) (Map)
Phone No. (718) 368-5040