The mission of the A.S. Degree Program in Exercise Science/Personal Training is to provide students with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, abilities and values that are essential for competency and success as a professional in the personal training field and for upper division baccalaureate study in exercise science.

The goals of A.S. Degree Program in Exercise Science/Personal Training are to provide students with:

  1. A rigorous academic preparation that consists of extensive classroom and laboratory study augmented by 100 hours of field work in a personal training setting;
  2. Exposure to professional organizations and awareness of professional ethics and professional standards for competency;
  3. Opportunities to practice the skills learned in the classroom through peer activities such as the Personal Training Club;
  4. Refinement of communication skills (reading, writing, speaking and technological skills) essential for working in professional personal training settings;
  5. Acquisition of knowledge and practical experience in first aid, safety, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and awareness of safety issues in conducting personal training activities with various exercising populations;
  6. Preparation to take and pass the certification examinations of prestigious nationally recognized fitness organizations;
  7. An appreciation of the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of a wellness lifestyle.

Courses consist of personal training, fitness assessments/design, kinesiology and physiology exercise.

See the College Catalog for the Exercise Science / Personal Training degree requirements

Job Opportunities in the field: Work in state-of-the-art health clubs, corporate fitness centers, health and wellness organizations, rehabilitation facilities or as entrepreneurs operating their own personal training businesses.


Professor Chris Fey
Phone: (718) 368-5752
Email: chris.fey@kbcc.cuny.edu

Program Staff:
Gary Katz
Phone: (718) 368-6866|
Email: gary.katz@kbcc.cuny.edu