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Teaching Materials for CATW and ACT Reading Exam

CATW-Related Links
CUNY Website -- CUNY Assessment Tests Resources Page
John Jay College Website -- CATW Exercises
Borough of Manhattan Community College CATW Resources Page

CATW Guides and Exercises
Kingsborough Reading and Writing Center: Getting to Know the CATWKingsborough Reading and Writing Center: Evaluating a CATW Writing Sample Kingsborough Reading and Writing Center: Reviewing the CATW Criteria for Writing and Trying Out a Practice Writing CATW Practice Assessment RubricDirections BreakdownCATW Article List with Reading Levels

CATW Practice Material with Samples and Articulations
1. Playtime is Over 2. Individuals in Groups 3. Is Music A Good Tool for Health 4. Hang It Up 5. Who Can You Trust 6. Effort Performance 7. Looking Good?

CATW Practice: Readings and Prompts
Practice 1: An Ugly Toll of Technology: Impatience and Forgetfulness
Practice 2: Beauty Discrimination During a Job Search
Practice 3: Be Lucky -- It's an Easy Skill to Learn
Practice 4: How to Write a (Good) Sentence Home Assignment
Practice 5: Segregation in Schools
Practice 6: OxenPractice 7: Facebook Practice 8: Finally Minding Their Manners (New York Post)
Practice 9: Social Class and the Hidden Curriculum of Work
Practice 10: Sample CATW Prompt - based on "Genius the Modern View" by David Brooks
Practice 11: Whose Last Name Should Married Couples Choose?
Practice 12: Phys Ed: Why is Wii Fit Best for Grandparents

Practice 13: A Collection of Prompts from E. Esdaille
Practice 14: A True Instinct For the BeautifulPractice 15: Are Men What They Used to Be?Practice 16: Do Great Mothers Make Great Leaders?Practice 17: Does Stress Validate Our Existence?Practice 18: Elementary Students Encouraged to Set College GoalsPractice 19: MaterialismPractice 20: Reading UndergroundPractice 21: Solve that Problem with HumorPractice 22: Why I'm Raising My Son to be a Nerd

ACT Reading Related Links
Sample Compass Tests from Compass Website
Sample ACT Reading Passages from CUNY Website
Kingsborough Library Databases (click on Learning Express Library for practice exams -- SAT, ACT, GRE, and many others)
KCC Wiki Reads

ACT Reading Practice Materials
Reading ACE Practice Tests from Cengage Learning

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