Behavioral Sciences

The Department of Behavioral Sciences offers a full range of courses in the disciplines of Anthropology, Psychology, and Sociology. These courses satisfy college degree and program requirements for the CUNY Pathways Flexible Core, groups A-E (Pathways: Common Core).

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Criminal Justice at KCC

Criminal Justice at KCC

Criminal justice is an interdisciplinary study. The field combines law, sociology, public administration, behavioral science, natural sciences, and psychology, while the field of criminal justice includes four distinct but overlapping disciplines: 1) law; 2) administration; 3) criminology; and, 4) investigation and forensics.

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Education Program at Kingsborough Community College

Education Program at KCC

The Education Program at Kingsborough Community College prepares students for careers in a variety of roles in early childhood and elementary settings. Students learn about pedagogic theory and practice, then further develop their skills by doing fieldwork in schools and childcare centers. Such experiences are not only rewarding in themselves, but sometimes our students receive job offers as a result! In addition, our program has articulation agreements with many CUNY senior colleges, so that there can be a smooth transition to completion of a bachelor’s degree.

Our philosophy of education, here at Kingsborough, is that the teacher is a facilitator and a guide, helping children construct their own knowledge in enriched, nurturing environments. We highly value play and hands-on learning, and consider them essential ingredients for fostering children's curiosity and social, emotional, and intellectual growth. In our classes, we use discussion, collaboration, and reflection, to develop educators who will joyfully and skillfully be able to teach to the needs and interests of diverse groups of young learners.

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