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Finish What You Started


Finish What You Started

Complete your two-year degree at
Kingsborough Community College

Started college but don’t have a degree? Apply to Kingsborough Community College as a transfer student and complete your degree. People with a degree earn more and, as COVID has shown, are less likely to be unemployed than those with a only high school diploma.

We offer over 40 programs, with classes available in person, online, and a hybrid mix of the two.

Don’t let sticker-shock prevent you from applying: Nearly seven out of 10 full-time CUNY undergraduates have their low tuition fully covered by state and federal grants.

Take the first step. Click the orange box below to request an interactive viewbook with information about what Kingsborough has to offer you.

I want to learn more about becoming a
transfer student at Kingsborough Community College.

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KCC’s Interactive Viewbook