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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

President’s Weekly Messages to Students


Superstition vs #Facts

Superstition vs #Facts

Dear KCC Students,

It’s hard to believe that we are a couple of days away from February.   According to superstition, on February 2 the groundhog will emerge from its burrow.  And if it sees its shadow, it means that we will have six more weeks of winter.  But if it does not see its shadow, it means that spring will arrive early.

I admit there are some superstitions that I want to believe, like this one about the groundhog, or the one about when your left palm itches you will get money, or the one about when you mention someone’s name and they all of sudden appear that means what you were saying about them is true.  I could go on and on about the superstitions I ascribe to at times.

But there is one thing I don’t leave up to luck, magic or chance is your success.

If you don’t register for classes soon, your classes might be filled or cancelled for low enrollment. -That’s a fact, not superstition.

 How about this one?  Because you didn’t register for classes, you are unable to take all the classes you need, and because of that it will take longer for you to complete your degree. - That’s a fact, not superstition. 

KCC students, don’t leave your success to chance, luck or magic.    

Get registered.

 Classes start on March 7th.   And once you start, give it all you’ve got.  

The ground hog is looking for its shadow, but I encourage you all to look toward the light, it’s bright and it’s your future.

If you have challenges that are preventing you from registering for classes, please let me know so we can determine how we can help you. (

On another note, there is a lot happening in the world that may impact you.  If you have been watching the news this past weekend, I know you are aware of what happened in Memphis and the senseless beating and murder of Tyre Nichols.  Like many of you, my emotions vacillate between anger and sadness.  What has been helpful for me is finding someone to talk to.  Please know that if you need someone to talk with, we are here. 

Please go out to our website at: or you can call any of our centers at the phone numbers below.

 § The Counseling Center – 718-368-5975

§ The Health Center - 718-368-5684

§ The Wellness Center - 718-368-5300

§ The Women's Center - 718-368-4700

  - President Schrader