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President’s Weekly Messages

Next and Now!

Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at 8:01 AM

Dear KCC Students,

I hope your semester is off to a good start.  By now you should have gotten into the groove of the semester.  You should have: attended all your classes, met your professors (online or in person), connected with at least one person in your class, started hitting the books, and you should know what is expected of you in order to succeed in your classes.

I too have been getting in the groove.  Some of you may have seen me at the front gate during the first week of classes;  maybe I helped you upload your vaccination information; or  I may have stopped you on campus to say hello; or maybe I exchanged emails with you.  You can all expect to  receive regular emails from me where I will share important information, but most of my emails will be dedicated to motivating you to stay on track towards meeting your goals.  

The COVID Pandemic has changed a few things.  We have strict policies and procedures in place to help to keep every member of our college community safe.  However, what hasn’t changed is how much we believe in you and your ability to achieve your academic and professional goals.  We are all here to support your success, so me start by giving you some advice.

  1. Start Strong with good habits.  Set aside time to study/read/review each day.  Actively participate in your classes (don’t just sit there!) and complete all your assignments on time.   Remember to communicate with your professor if you are having difficulty.  Email them or visit them their office hours if you have questions.

  2. Get help early.  Don’t wait until you do poorly on a test/exam to seek help.  Connect with a tutor early so you can ensure you understand the course material.

  3. Check your KBCC student email regularly.  The College staff and I will communicate important information via email.  You don’t want to miss out on important information about deadlines, policies, procedures, helpful resources, or  scholarships.  

  4. Stay safe. COVID is still a risk. I encourage you all get vaccinated.  And yes, while you can still get COVID if you are vaccinated, all the research points to it having less of an impact if you are vaccinated.  Speak to your doctor and get informed.  Continue to wear a mask (or two) and maintain social distancing in public places.

  5. And lastly, take a minute and CLAP FOR YOURSELF! Congratulations on making the bold decision to follow your dreams!  We are clapping for you now, and we can’t wait to clap some more for you on Commencement Day when you receive your degree!!

 You should know since its founding in 1963 that over 65,000 people have earned their degree at KCC.  And now not only do you have next, you have now!

Have a great semester! Feel free to email me to introduce yourself or at any time if you have questions.

TTYL (Talk to you later)

President Schrader

P.S. Stay in the Know:  Follow the college on IG @CUNYKCC ( or FB at CUNY Kingsborough (CUNYKCC) (


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