In-Class Accommodations


For each class in which you are enrolled, you may choose whether to use each of your approved accommodations. Consider the requirements of each class and your specific disability-related needs when making that decision. Some accommodations may not be appropriate or necessary for every class. If you choose to use an accommodation in a class, it is your responsibility to notify the professor.


  • Discuss your accommodations with your professors on or before the first day of class or as soon as possible after you receive notification of your approved accommodations.


  • If privacy is important to you, speak to the professors during their office hours, or contact them by email. If necessary, meet with your AAS counselor to plan and implement an effective strategy for communicating with your professors.


  • You do not need to disclose your disability to your professors. Keep the conversation focused on the accommodations you want to use in the class.


  • Provide each professor with a copy of your letter of Notification of Academic Accommodation, which you received in your approval package from AAS. The letter of Notification of Academic Accommodation itemizes your approved accommodations and validates your request to use your accommodations in the class. Only submit the letter to the professors of the classes in which you choose to use your accommodations.


  • Remind your professors of your accommodations as needed and let them know if you are having any difficulty with the accommodations or the class.


  • At the beginning of new each semester, please pick up current letters of Notification of Academic Accommodation from AAS and share them with the professors in whose classes you choose to use your accommodations.