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Kingsborough Community College Surgical Technology Bridge Program

The Certified Surgical Technologist to Associate of Applied Science (CST to AAS) degree overseen by the Kingsborough Community College Department of Allied Health, Mental Health and Human Services, provides students with the opportunity to further their knowledge and education culminating in an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Surgical Technology.

  • The Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS) is in line with the current recommendation of the professional body, the Association of Surgical Technologists, which recommends an AAS degree to work in the field of Surgical Technology.
  • The degree adds to the competitiveness of a Surgical Technologist seeking employment. Many hospitals have a career ladder, which can require an associate’s degree for advancement.
  • An advanced degree furthers the student’s education and rightly positions them for additional education and successful transfer to a senior CUNY college.
  • This course of study incorporates knowledge and principles from the liberal arts with an emphasis on the sciences.

    Program Description
    The CST to AAS degree program is designed specifically for the practicing Certified Surgical Technologist.  Requirements include 64 credit hours for graduation with 32 credits transferring for the active Certified Surgical Technologist.

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Apply to the college 

  2. Submit your CST credential to the Department Chair for verification. (certificate or NBSTSA ID card)

  3. Meet with a Health and Stem Advisor

  4. Register for classes

  5. Waiver for 32 credits issued

All you need to take are the rest of the required core and flexible core classes including:

ENG 12 (3 credits)

ENG 24 (3 credits )

BIO 11 (4 credits)

BIO 12 (4 credits)

BIO 51(4 credits)

Math 4 (3 credits)

PH 76 (3 credits)

SOC 31 (3 credits)

PSY 11 (3 credits)

+ 2 additional credits from the Flexible Core groups A (World Cultures), B (US Experience in its Diversity) or C (Creative Expression).

This totals 32 credits. 

The total needed for your AAS degree in Surgical Technology is 64 credits (32 of which you will be given credit). You must make sure that your NBSTSA Certification does not lapse while you are matriculating.   

Make sure that at some point during your matriculation, you take a writing intensive course as well as a course that is designated as a Civic Engagement course.