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Academic Reminders

Check Out the “Are You Ready?” Online Readiness Course:

  • The “Are You Ready?” online readiness course is designed to prepare you for taking an online course. Whether your courses are hybrid, synchronous or asynchronous, this course will cover a variety of topics to help you navigate in an online environment.

  • This course can be found in your Blackboard account under “My Organizations”. You will receive a certificate once it is completed.

Check Out Blackboard Resources:

  • If you need help with Blackboard, click here to Check Out Blackboard Resources in the Student Checklist.

Check the Class Format:

Please Note: 

  • Classes are subject to change as Kingsborough must adhere to COVID-19 protocols regarding in-person instruction.

  • While safety protocols remain in place, there will be limited access to spaces and facilities throughout the campus.

  • The Academic Schedule will consist of three types of instruction modes: In-person, Hybrid and Online.

  • Click here to learn how to Check the Class Format in the Student Checklist.

Check Out Degree Works:

  • You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with Degree Works to ensure you understand how to track you own academic progress.

  • Degree Works provides you with details about the courses and requirements you have taken and those which are still required for graduation.

    Click here for more information or assistance with log-on issues.

Check Out the Academic Calendar

  • The Academic Calendar provides updated academic information about scheduled deadlines, conversion dates and closures.

  • Click here to keep track of specific dates and pertinent academic information throughout the semester.

Check Out the KCC Events Calendar

  • The KCC Events Calendar provides a list of upcoming academic and social events that you are encouraged to participate in based on your personal interests.

  • Click here to learn more about upcoming events throughout the semester.