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Workers' Compensation



1. Your Supervisor
2. The Office of Health Services (Room A-108)
3. Human Resources

In the event of a work-related injury, illness or accident you should inform your department supervisor(s), and the Office of Health Services. The Office of Health Services, once contacted, will provide you with the necessary work-related injury/illness reporting forms. These forms, required by the New York State Workers Compensation Board, should be completed and promptly returned to the Office of Health Services. Once received, we will forward them to the College's WC insurance carrier, The City of New York Law Department, Workers Compensation Division.

Upon receipt of your forms, The City Law Department will make a determination as to the compensability of your claim and will notify you directly of their decision. If your claim is deemed compensable, you will receive from them, a Carrier Case Number . All parties who have treated you should enter your Carrier Case Number and your Social Security number on all of their bills. Their bills, together with the appropriate Workers Compensation forms should be sent directly to:

The City of New York Law Department
Workers Compensation Division
350 Jay Street 9th Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(718) 222-5100

IMPORTANT: Not all hospitals and/or doctors are willing to accept Workers Compensation cases. In so that the appropriate party may be charged, before treatment is given to you, it is necessary that you tell your medical provider(s) that your injury/illness is work-related. It is also important that you give to your medical provider(s) the name, address and telephone number of our WC insurance carrier provided above. If you've already received medical bills from an emergency room, hospital and/or doctor, you should forward them immediately to The City of New York Law Department, Workers Compensation Division for payment.
For More Information Visit the Workers Compensation website: