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Health Center

The Health Center is one of four programs within Student Wellness Services.  It is the primary source on campus for emergency health care.  As one would expect, the Health Center places a high premium on health restoration, health maintenance, and health education.  The Health Center provides medical record review, storage and retrieval, free immunization clinics, health education and advisory, and preventative health services.

Whether remote or on-campus the Health Center is committed to supporting student health and well-being.
The Health Center is currently open
Monday - Thursday - Friday 9am to 5pm
Tuesday - Wednesday 9am -8 pm.  
Please feel free to contact us at 718-368-5684
or with any questions or concerns you may have.

Health Center


What health services are available?
- What health services are available?
- Emergency health care
- Health consultations
- Health referrals
- Free MMR immunization*
- Free Hepatitis B vaccination*
- Free T-Dap*
- Free influenza (flu) vaccination*
- Free PPD*
- MMR record file
- Health record reviews
- Health education
- Lactation space and storage
- Over-the-counter medications
*Appointments are required for these services.  Please call or email us to set up an appointment.

Who is eligible for emergency healthcare?
Any student, faculty or staff of Kingsborough Community College.  Any other person on campus will be assisted in an emergency by the staff in the Health Center. 

What if I need more than first aid?
The Health Center upon assessment makes referrals to your own health care provider and to other health related agencies.  There you will be reassessed and treated as needed.

Do I have to pay for health care given? 
No.  The Health Center renders health care free of charge to the recipient.  However, there may be a fee associated with health care given at a referral site.