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Faculty List

  • Office: V116
  • Hours: M-F 9-5 pm
  • Phone: (718)368-5964
  • Fax: (718)368-4935

Denise Farrelly, Ed.D

Program Director
Assistant Professor

Denise Farrelly

Dr. Denise Farrelly serves as the Program Director of the Education Program within the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Kingsborough Community College. In addition to serving on the department’s Equity Work Team and Online Teaching Work Team, she mentors preservice teachers in culturally and linguistically diverse public schools across Brooklyn, NY, focusing on reflective supervision as a professional development approach.

Laura Kates, Ed.D.


Laura Kates

Dr. Laura Kates is a Professor in the Education Program and is the program’s Field Site Coordinator. Her scholarship combines her interests in student success, innovative pedagogies, and communities of practice. Laura’s publications focus on teacher education pedagogy, policy, and program design, students’ perspectives on their learning experiences, and on the integration of critical literacy into undergraduate teacher education.

Ivana Espinet, PhD.

Assistant Professor

Ivana Espinet

Dr. Ivana Espinet is an Assistant Professor at Kingsborough Community College. She is a former project director for the CUNY New York State Initiative on Emergent Bilinguals (CUNY-NYSIEB) and a former NYC public school teacher. She is interested in the use of multimodal and collaborative methodologies to learn about emergent bilinguals in school and in out of school programs.

Lisa Clark, PhD.

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Lisa Clark

Dr. Lisa D. Clark has served as an Adjunct Professor in the Education Program of the Behavioral Sciences Department at Kingsborough Community College since 2018. She holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Education from Walden University. Dr. Clark made a presentation at the 18th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education in January 2020. As published in the 2018 NAUW Position Paper Progressive Women Remaining Relevant In A Global Society, Dr. Lisa Clark penned an article, The Impact of Women on Laws for a More Just Society.

Jeremy Sawyer, PhD.

Assistant Professor

Jeremy Sawyer

Dr. Jeremy E. Sawyer is Assistant Professor of Psychology at CUNY’s Kingsborough Community College. Jeremy studies how Vygotskian theory applies to children’s development of language, cognition, and motivation. He has published on children’s private speech, bilingualism, play and playful learning, and how political activism may reduce implicit bias. Jeremy’s research on the Black Lives Matter movement and implicit racial bias has been covered in outlets including Pacific Standard, Popular Science, World Economic Forum, and The New York Times.

EllenJoy Alperin

Adjunct Lecturer

EllenJoy Alperin

Hi! My name is Ellen Alperin. I have been teaching in the education department of Kingsborough Community College since 2014.  I am part of the Safe Zone!  I have taught a variety of Education courses within our department.  I am a retired Special Education Teacher from the Department of Education of NYC where I taught for 34 years. I am an avid runner trying for my first marathon.  I love to read and bake in my spare time.