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Cleared4 CUNY Access

Dear KCC Student,  

KCC students, whose fully-vaccinated status has been submitted, verified and approved in CUNYfirst by the Location Vaccine Authority (LVA) or HR officer at your college, are now eligible to receive a CUNY Access Pass that allows you quick entry into CUNY facilities.  

This access pass was previously provided by Everbridge but, going forward, will be provided by Cleared4  

You must register with Cleared4 to obtain your new CUNY Access Pass .  You won't need to upload any information. Your vaccine verification has already been done.

To register: 

  1. Find the email from entitled Cleared for CUNY Access that was sent to your primary email account 

  2.  Click on the personal link in the email to begin registration with Cleared4

  3.  Once in Cleared4, read and accept the disclaimer

  4. Provide the personal information requested

  5. Click on the “Show Access Pass” button to attain your Cleared4 CUNY Access Pass  

Once you have registered for your Cleared4 pass (also referred to as the CUNY Access Pass, Cleared for CUNY Access Pass or GreenPass), you can delete your Everbridge VaxPass, as it will no longer be accepted as proof of vaccination at CUNY entry points after you register. 

For quick entry to KCC and CUNY facilities, show your Cleared4 CUNY Access Pass in one of the following four ways:

  1. Screenshot on your device

  2. Personal link on your device

  3. QR Code on your device, or a

  4. Printout of your screenshoot

See  CUNY Access - Cleared4 Guide for Vaccinated CUNY Students, Faculty and Staff  in  CUNY IT Help  for information on setting up and using Cleared4 instead of Everbridge VaxPass.  Cleared4 FAQs  are available in  CUNY IT Help  as well.   


Sharon Warren Cook, Ph.D.
Associate Provost and Chief Student Affairs Officer
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
Kingsborough Community College
Office: 718.368. 5563

Location Vaccine Authority (LVA)
Kingsborough Community College
Office:  718.368.6524