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If a Kingsborough Community College course is either not being offered or is closed, students may take the course on permit at other colleges throughout CUNY.  Students may apply for an ePermit by using self-service in CUNYfirst.

To be eligible to take a course on permit at another CUNY college: 
  • Students must have passed all three CUNY/ACT Freshmen Skills Assessment Tests.
  • Students must have all immunizations required by the Home College.
  • Students must have no negative service indicators (stops) on their record.
  • Students must have a 2.0 (or higher) cumulative grade point average. 
  • Non-Degree students and first semester students are not eligible to take a course on permit.  Students may take ePermit courses beginning with their second semester. 
  • Course(s) must transfer back towards a KCC degree. Students must include both host college course(s) and home college equivalent course(s) descriptions on their ePermit application.   Remedial courses are not eligible for ePermit.  
  • Students may only take the course(s) for which they have received permission.
  • Approval of certain permit requests remains with academic department Chairpersons. If a request is denied, the student is notified by email of the reason for the denial. 
  • All credits and grades of courses taken at the host institution on permit will be transferred to a student's record and included in the cumulative grade point average and transfer credit accumulation. NOTE: The maximum number of transfer credits is 30.
  • If the number of course credits assigned by the host college and the home college are not the same, students will receive the lesser number of credits for the course.    

Before filing for an ePermit, please read the comprehensive information we have on our website to understand the ePermit process and policies.  Click on the ePermit FAQ link on the left side of this page.

To apply for an ePermit follow these steps: 
  1. Go to the CUNYfirst homepage
  2. Login to your CUNYfirst account.    
  3. After logging in, follow this navigation - Student Center --- Other Academics.
  4. Select "Epermit" option from the drop-down menu, and select the appropriate term.
  5. Select "Add Epermit."  Select the subject and the desired course.
  6. Enter the permit type, home course, and information corresponding to the desired host college for an ePermit request.  Enter comments if applicable. 
  7. Click submit.  

To check on the status of requested ePermits or to cancel an ePermit request, follow these steps:
  1. Go to the CUNYfirst homepage
  2. Login to your CUNYfirst account.
  3. After logging in, follow this navigation - Student Center --- Other Academics. 
  4. Select the "Search Epermit" option from the drop-down menu.  All epermits applied for are listed as "Initiated."  Once approved, they will be listed as "Approved."  Click on the status to see registration information.    
  5. If you wish to cancel an ePermit request, select the "Search Epermit" option from the drop-down menu.  Select the ePermit you want to cancel and click on the status.  You will be redirected to the permit and given the option to cancel.   
Printable ePermit Instructions