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Non-Reappointed College Assistant FAQ’s

Q. When will my health insurance end now that I am not reappointed for the new fiscal year?

A. Your health insurance on June 30, 2020. You will have the option to purchase COBRA to continue your health insurance by filling out the form and submitting it directly to your health insurance plan.

Q.Where do I find the COBRA form?

A. One will be mailed to you and you can also find the form on the City Office of Labor Relations website at

Q. When will my DC 37 coverages end?

A. It will end in mid-July. You should contact DC37 at 212-815-1234 for the exact date that your prescription, dental and optical will end.

Q. Can I purchase COBRA for my DC 37 coverages?

A. Yes, you can purchase COBRA for your DC 37 coverages. You can find the DC37 COBRA forms on their website at

Q. What will happen to my pension with NYCERS?

A. If you are a vested member and meet the age requirements you would be eligible to receive a monthly check by applying for retirement. You can find out if you are a vested member by contacting NYCERS at 347-643-3000.

    If you are not a vested member NYCERS will inform you of your choices to withdraw your funds.

Q. I have a 403B with TIAA, what will happen to my account?

A. You need to contact TIAA at 800-842-2252 for your available options.

Q. What will happen to my annual and sick leave balances?

A. You will be paid a lump sum for your annual leave balance and your sick leave is forfeited.

Q. When will I receive my lump sum for the annual leave balance?

A. You will receive the lump sum payment for annual leave balance sometime in August.

Q. How do I apply for unemployment?

The Record of Employment form is enclosed with the directions to apply. You must provide Unemployment with that form and a copy of your non-reappointment letter.