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Faculty Interest Groups

Valuing Students' Voices to Make Assessment Meaningful

A goal for assessment is to improve students educational experiences. But how often do we consider student voices in our assessment practices?

This FIG, facilitated by Gabrielle Kahn (English) and Chris Calienes (IRAP), will explore ways that we might shift assessment from its traditional focus on static, predetermined outcomes to a more dynamic, process-oriented approach that engages students and their voices.  We will consider how we might move beyond questions about what students have learned or experienced in our programs and courses to how and why their education may be unfolding in particular ways.  

By positioning our students as front and center in the assessment activity, we hope to become more responsive to our students needs as we develop our craft as teachers and administrators.

Gabrielle Kahn                                            Chris Calienes
Gabrielle Kahn                                            Chris Calienes


For more information or to join, please contact Gabrielle ( or Chris ( and please visit our Commons page.