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Support for Scholarship - SoTL Projects at KCC


SoTL Projects at KCC: Early Childhood Education Learning Communities


Petra Symister - Behavioral SciencesSarwar Jahangir - Biological SciencesProject Description:
We primarily focused on redesigning our BIO 33 and PSY 32 courses linking the contents geared towards meeting the needs of Early Childhood Education majors at Kingsborough Community College. Our collaboration through frequent meetings modified the courses so that they were appropriate for career-focused education. We formally and informally assessed the success of the learning community and also incorporated students' suggestions and responses to improving the delivery of the courses. Our work has been well received in local and national conferences, and a paper developed from this project has been accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

Journal Article:
Symister, P., & Jahangir, Z.M.G.S. (2009). Creating a Learning Community for ECE Majors. Academic Exchange Quarterly, Winter 2009.

Conference Presentations:
Jahangir, Z.M.G.S., P. (November, 2007). Stimulating Integrative Learning: Teaching Biology and Psychology with a Linked Seminar to Second Semester Community College Students. Paper presented at the 2007 Annual Professional Development Conference National Association of Biology Teacher, Atlanta, Georgia.

Jahangir, Z.M.G.S., P. (November, 2007). Career-Focused Learning Communities for Second Semester Community College Students. Paper presented at the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Commons Conference, Statesboro,Georgia.

Symister, P., & Jahangir, Z.M.G.S. (May, 2007). Developing Second-Semester Learning Communities in Community Colleges. Paper presented at the 3rd Annual CUNY General Education Conference, Flushing, New York.

Panel Presentation:
Jahangir, Z.M.G.S., & Symister, P. (November, 2009). Career-Focused Teaching: Effectively Linking Biology and Psychology for Early Childhood Education Majors. Paper to be presented at Nassau Community College, Garden City, New York.