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Skills for Student Success

Developing Academic Skills in the Classroom

Being a successful student requires much more than intelligence and a drive to succeed.  Many of our students find college excessively challenging in part because they have difficulty developing an appropriate daily routine that supports academic success.


Effective studying skills are obviously essential, yet most students do not think to modify their habits when their current routine is time consuming and ineffective.  In addition, life skills such as time management, proper self-care (including financial, health, and home management), prioritizing items in a schedule, and having realistic goals and expectations also deeply impact students' lives and likelihood of success. 

This FIG, led by Sherrye Glaser (Biological Sciences), will focus on how we as faculty can encourage the growth of metacognitive skills and executive functioning skills in our classrooms. Study habits and life skills can be presented to students as an ever-evolving ability. We can help students develop a routine of self-assessment so their academic and life skills can strengthen and better support their goals.

For more information or to join the FIG, please contact Sherrye at and please see our work on our CUNY Commons site.