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Teaching to the Whole Student

Teaching to the Whole Student: Exploring the Intellectual, Ethical, Social and Spiritual Dimensions of Teaching

Through reading and discussion of bell hooks’ Teaching Critical Thinking: Practical Wisdom, we’ll consider the many dimensions that make up the endeavor to educate, at our beautifully diverse, painfully under-resourced, contentious yet rewarding college. hooks’ book is made up of brief, honest, accessible yet complex and provocative vignettes about various aspects of her teaching life and experience. She addresses a range of issues and ideas relevant to our work, including decolonization, race and gender, engaged pedagogy and the place of humor, joy, sorrow, risk, conflict, and collaboration, in our classrooms.

Facilitated by Laura Kates (Behavioral Sciences), at each meeting we’ll choose a different vignette or two to discuss along with sharing stories, assignments, student work, classroom artifacts, and personal responses related to the vignettes. While the facilitator will do the overall planning and organization for this FIG, participants’ interests and aims will play a large role in shaping the specific focus and direction of each session.

For more information or to join, please contact Laura at and please see our work on the CUNY Academic Commons.

Laura Kates