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Middle East

Exploring Issues of the Middle East

Photo of Anthony Alessandrini
Anthony Alessandrini

The recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, and elsewhere in the region, dubbed “the Arab Spring,” have sparked a renewed interest in contemporary issues related to the culture, history, and politics of the Middle East and North Africa. The goal of this reading and discussion group is to explore new approaches to understanding these issues, both among faculty and in the classroom. We will start with a few core readings, but the majority of the readings will be chosen through discussions among the participants, and could include film, video, and visual art as well as books, articles, and online resources. The hope is that this group will bring together those who are already involved in teaching some of these issues, those with a more general interest, and those who would like to bring some of these places and issues into their teaching and who may be looking for resources and readings to help them with this. For more information or to join, please contact Tony at