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Faculty-Student Mentoring Program

Student Mentoring Program

As faculty and staff, we often find ourselves in the role of mentor to our students. But what does it mean to be a mentor? Not quite friend, not quite advisor, and not quite therapist, being a mentor means developing a particular type of relationship as well as a set of skills and strategies for helping our student mentees succeed. It also means understanding the complexities of our students' lives.

‚ÄčIf you are interested in mentoring students or already find yourself in that role and want to become better equipped to work with your student mentees, please join the KCTL Student Mentoring Program. Facilitated by Janine Graziano (English, KCTL), this program offers a two-part Mentoring Workshop at various times during the year, and, if you wish, can help match you with a student who is interested working with a mentor.

In addition to training, this program offers opportunities for faculty, staff, and alumni mentors to discuss best practices in mentoring students. These meetings are open to those who are formally participating in the KCTL Mentoring Program as well as those who mentor informally or through other programs. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Janine at and please see our workshop materials and mentoring resources on our Academic Commons site.

Janine Graziano