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Transfer Credits

Transfer Your College Now Credits

Upon graduation from high school, each College Now student will have an official college transcript on file at Kingsborough Community College. To request that a transcript be forwarded to a college, students must complete Kingsborough's Official Transcript Request form. To obtain the form students can:

Forward the completed form to:

Kingsborough Community College, 2001 Oriental Blvd. Brooklyn, NY 11235 ATT: Bursar's Office

If requesting that the transcript be sent to a CUNY college, there is no fee. All other transcript requests must be accompanied by a $7.00 money order, per request, made payable to Kingsborough Community College. On-line transcript fees are $9.00. On-line transcript fees to CUNY schools are $2.00.

Most students successfully transfer the credits they earn in College Now credit-bearing courses. College Now alumni have used their credits as electives or as equivalent credits at city, state, public and private colleges throughout the nation. Of the over 4,700 colleges and universities in the United States, very few have denied students credit for their College Now coursework. The list includes: Brandeis University, Bryn Mawr, Cooper Union, Cornell University, Fordham University, Tulane University, University of Michigan, University of Vermont and Wagner College. On occasion, students in specialized degree programs, such as nursing and pharmacy, may find that they are unable to transfer credits due to the prescribed nature of their curriculum.

Those few students who are unable to transfer their credits are advised that College Now credits have "shelf life." This means that they have the potential to be used at another college or may be applied on jobs that base salary increments on college credit accumulation. Students who are denied credits at any school are advised to check with the appropriate department chairperson to determine if they can sit for a competency examination in the subject area, which, if passed, will generate credits. Students are also advised to contact the College Now Director of Student Records in the Office of Collaborative Programs at Kingsborough for assistance.