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How the Program Works

College Now offers credit-bearing and college preparatory courses completely free of charge.  Some of the college-level offerings include psychology, behavioral & social sciences, business, communications, humanities, political science, science, and statistics. College preparatory courses are in English, reading/writing, and mathematics.  In the student's junior year, College Now recruiters will visit students in their English or Social Studies classes to inform them of our program's services and procedures. Students who express interest by submitting an application are invited to meet with their school's College Now counselors to review their high school academic record and develop a program of coursework tailored to their needs and interests.

Classes meet either before or after the regular school day, depending on the individual high school. Students may earn up to 12 college now credits from the City University of New York. Course offerings are taught by high school faculty who have met all requirements to be hired as an adjunct instructor in the appropriate department at Kingsborough Community College.  Students may also participate in freshman orientation courses designed to help them make a smooth transition from high school to college.  Student development courses are offered throughout the year at various high schools.  They are taught by college counselors and cover topics such as choosing a major, study techniques, time and money management, career planning and goal settings.  Upon successful completion of coursework students will have an official college transcript from Kingsborough Community College.