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Quick Tip

Think Before You Print

Take a second to consider whether you have to print out that document or report.

Print on Both Sides

If you must print, try to print on both sides. Also, use your computer's print preview option to make sure you get the look you want the first time.

Be Scrappy

Get the most out of every page before you throw it away. Use the back of paper you no longer need as scrap paper to jot down your notes.

Go Electronic

Send memos and notices via e-mail or conduct a paperless meeting. Remember your three "R's": Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Greet the Sun

Try a little natural light before turning on the overheads. Natural light not only helps to reduce greenhouse gases generated by energy consumption, but can uplift your mood, improve your health and is a much more flattering light for your face!

Flip a Switch

Turn off the lights in your office when you leave for the day.

Shut Down Completely

When you turn off your computer, don't forget to switch off your monitor, speakers and printer, too.