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Clean Air NY Campus


Kingsborough Community College is proud to announce our Clean Air NY recognition from the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT).  NYSDOT’s Statewide Mobility Services program works with organizations to identify transportation and shared mobility solutions that help New Yorkers find easy, affordable, and sustainable alternatives to driving alone, and ultimately contribute to improved air quality. NYSDOT celebrates organizations who have taken proactive steps to offer clean-transportation programs to its community, by awarding the Clean Air NY Campus Partner designation. 
This year Kingsborough Community College is working to provide green programs that include Earth Day 2024 celebrations, campus-wide alerts for days when air quality will be unhealthy and initiatives to reduce the use of single-use plastics on campus.


You can access NYSDOT’s free transportation and shared mobility services, such as carpool matching, biking resources, air quality notifications, and transit itineraries by visiting There you can also find travel tips, bike and transit buddies, and additional actions you can do to improve air quality in New York State.    

We are proud to have earned the Clean Air NY recognition and look forward to continuing our valuable partnership with NYSDOT’s Statewide Mobility Services program!


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