How to sign-up for tutoring through the Kingsborough Learning Center (KLC)

Your username and password will be the same log-in credentials as your Kingsborough College email

  • Step #3 Once you have successfully logged-in, click the icon that says KCC TracCloud
  • Step #4 Click on the icon that says schedule an appointment
  • Step #5 In the schedule an appointment box you’ll need to:
  1. Select the option that says choose date and center
  2. The class you want tutoring in
  3. The reason for tutoring
  4. Then click search
  • Step #6 Now the schedule appointment page will load. You should select the Learning Center for all content tutoring other than writing. If you need writing tutoring, select the Writing Center. Then click search.
  • Step #7 The schedule appointment page will load. A drop-down menu with the available tutoring times will appear. Choose the tutoring time, Location & Type of session that you want (Online or In-Person). Then click save.

  • Step #8 You will receive a tutoring confirmation email with the appointment information. If it is an online session, you will receive the Zoom meeting link. If it is an in-person session, you should report to the room listed.

The online Zoom link can be found in your TracCloud account. To join your online session, click the arrow icon to the right on your weekly schedule 10 minutes before your appointment starts.  If a classroom in the library (L) building is listed, then the tutoring sessions will take place in-person on our campus.

If you experience any difficulty signing-in to your account, contact the student help desk:  Helpdesk Phone: 718-368-6679, Email:

If you have questions pertaining to tutoring, contact the Kingsborough Learning Center:

Contact Us
 Telephone: (718) 368-5405

Virtual Zoom Front Desk

How to cancel your tutoring appointment:

  1. On the TracCloud home screen hover over to the right and click on the date in between the two arrows.
  2. If you have an appointment, it will be highlighted in yellow with all the session details.
  3. To cancel, click on the X at the top and a small box will prompt you to enter a reason for cancellation.
  4. Type in a reason and hit cancel appointment then refresh by hitting the TracMan Icon and the appointment should be gone.