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                      Decorating Doors

Decorating Doors Challenge

This year marked the 2nd Annual Decorating Doors challenge, which brought together ten teams who further showed their support for Walk-A-Thon by displaying creative and impactful door displays.

Congratulations to the winners of this year's challenge:

Tied in First Place:

-      The Office of Continuing Education, Team Frank's Footers, Captains Frank Milano & Natalie Bredikhina 

-      The Office of Continuing Education, Team KCC's Finest, Captain Maria Mejias

Second Place:

-     The Office for College Advancement, Team Fund Razors, Captains - Corisse Vialva & Patty DeNicola

Third Place:

- Office of Student Affairs, Team ALL Stars, Captain - Mary O'Shea

About Decorating Doors

The Decorating Doors Challenge is not only an opportunity to win a great team prize, but also a way to share the Walk-A-Thon spirit with the campus community.  

Doors are decorated in themes that highlight the support for Walk-A-Thon and the need for student scholarships.  

Three judges review and score each door in three categories, including:


         Relevance to Walk-A-Thon

         Representation of School Spirit

Here is a glimpse of the 2015 decorated doors: 

  •  Department of Biology, PolymeRacers, Team Captain - Ivan Ho
  • Department of Health, Physical Education & Recreation, Hume's Heroes, Team Captain - Juan Franquiz
  • Office for College Advancement, Fund Razors, Team Captains - Corisse Vialva & Patty DeNicola
  • Office of Alumni Relations, Alumni Relations, Team Captain - Laura Glazier-Smith
  • Office of Continuing Education, Franks' Footers, Team Captains - Frank Milano & Natalie Bredikhina
  • Office of Continuing Education, KCC's Finest, Team Captain - Maria Mejias
  • Office of Continuing Education, T4, Team Captain - Karolina Rasa 
  • Office of Student Affairs, ALL Stars, Team Captain - Mary O'Shea