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Meet Your Student Government

2023-2024 Student Government Association


Sidra Zafar | SGA Senator

Sidra Zafar

Born in Pakistan, Sidra Zafar has spent the past two decades cultivating a life in the Brooklyn neighborhood where she resides with her husband and two children.

Sidra, who speaks fluent English, has often encountered assumptions about her abilities and fit in educational settings. She noted that "People would assume I don't speak English or that I might not be a good fit for a certain place or position in school or general life. Those assumptions change once they get to know or work with me."

The first in her family to attend college, she was encouraged to pursue her dreams by her children and her older sisters. Her husband suggested she explore Kingsborough Community College because of its proximity to their home. She was pleasantly surprised at the support she received during the admissions process. "The guidance you get from staff and professors is unmatched. I knew right away this was the place I wanted to be."

As a student, what she likes best about the College are the people, the staff, the beautiful campus, and the kind and helpful faculty. She expresses her gratitude to professors Ivana Espinet, Janice Farley, Patrick Hickey Jr. and Laura Kates for their exceptional support and guidance throughout her journey, encouraging students to take their classes at least once.

Sidra has a passion for working with children and helping others. She wants to leave a lasting, positive impact on the education system, drawing from her own experiences as both a student and a parent. She believes that teachers and professors have the unique ability to shape students' lives positively, which is why she chose to major in education. “I want to become the change I always wanted to see in the world.”

Sidra's involvement with the Student Government Association (SGA) came about by chance. She read an email mentioning elections and decided to give it a try. Today, she serves as an SGA senator and hopes to be a strong advocate for her peers while fostering a sense of community and involvement among students. "I think everyone should get involved in student government because you meet some of the most amazing people. Whether it is peers or mentors, we are all a big family, and it is a safe space for everyone."

In the next five years, Sidra envisions herself continuing to develop her leadership skills, building a strong support network, and achieving success in her teaching career. She plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in education studies at Hunter or Brooklyn College and positively impact future generations by becoming a teacher or a school counselor.

Outside of her academic pursuits and advocacy, Sidra cherishes quality time with her family, enjoying outings and moments of fun together.

For those embarking on their college journey, Sidra advises: "Explore your options and do something you love. Find a balance between work/school and life. Embrace kindness and enjoy your life!"