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Meet Your Student Government

2023-2024 Student Government Association


Mahir Bhuiyan| SENATOR

Mahir Bhuiyan

Technology has captivated Mahir Bhuiyan, a computer information systems major at Kingsborough Community College, for as long as he can remember. “My earliest memory is tinkering with my first computer at the age of 10, which sparked my curiosity and passion for IT,” he recalls. “What fascinates me about technology is its ever-evolving nature and the endless possibilities it offers to solve complex problems.”

Born and raised in Queens, Mahir moved to Brooklyn a few years ago to explore new opportunities and experiences. He chose Kingsborough Community College for its convenient location and enjoys its unique oceanside setting. “I appreciate that the campus sits on a beach because it provides a serene and inspiring environment that fosters creativity and relaxation, which are essential for effective learning and personal growth.”

He learned about the Student Government Association (SGA) from a friend who was promoting the election. He ran and won the election as a senator, believing his unique blend of technical skills, creative thinking, and strong commitment to innovation made him well-suited for the role. As SGA senator, Mahir hopes to create innovative workshops, hackathons, and collaborative projects that will enhance students' technical skills, promote interdisciplinary learning, and encourage community engagement. He sees these initiatives as an opportunity to "change the history of the college" by fostering a culture of innovation and continuous learning.

Looking to the future, Mahir plans to continue his education at a four-year college, possibly John Jay College of Criminal Justice or Brooklyn College, after graduating from Kingsborough in winter 2025. He is particularly interested in cybersecurity. “Cybersecurity combines my passion for technology with my desire to make a positive impact by protecting organizations and individuals from cyber threats,” he said. “The landscape is constantly changing, which presents exciting challenges and opportunities for growth and motivates me to continually learn and adapt.”

Beyond his technical pursuits, Mahir is fluent in three languages and has a deep appreciation for art and design, which he believes complements his technical skills and enhances his ability to think creatively and critically. He offers simple yet powerful advice to new college students: "Don't give up; it will get better."