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Meet Your Student Government

2023-2024 Student Government Association


Ayesha Azad | SGA Senator

Ayesha Azad

Born in Pakistan and raised in Brooklyn, Ayesha Azad is pursuing a major in education, inspired by her middle and high school teachers who helped her overcome reading and writing challenges. Their passion for teaching and unwavering support ignited her desire to become an educator, particularly for young children, a path suggested by one of her professors.

She selected Kingsborough Community College because of its proximity to her home and the availability of her chosen major. In addition to studying, Ayesha worked in the college’s Student Life office and in IT department, where she assisted fellow students with various technical needs, from resetting passwords to computer troubleshooting.

Ayesha has found a welcoming and supportive environment at Kingsborough, with a deep appreciation for the staff, professors, and the beautiful beach location.

She joined the Student Government Association (SGA) on a friend's recommendation, intending to give back to the school and community that have supported her.

Looking ahead, Ayesha’s aspirations include furthering her education at Brooklyn College, where she plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in education studies. Her ultimate goal is to become a 1st-grade teacher, helping young learners thrive.

Her advice for new college students is simple: embrace new experiences, ask questions, and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

With her determination and commitment to education, Ayesha is on a path to positively impacting future generations’ lives as a dedicated teacher. She is set to graduate in 2024, and her future is full of possibilities.