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Meet Your Student Government

2023-2024 Student Government Association


Laila Asif | SGA Vice President for Student Affairs

Laila Asif

Originally from Pakistan, Laila Asif moved to the USA to pursue her education and has since called Brooklyn her home.

With a strong desire to help people in need and a keen interest in phlebotomy (the field of drawing blood), Laila found her calling in nursing. She especially enjoys the hands-on aspect of dealing with patients.

Her journey at KCC wasn't without challenges. Adapting to the American education system posed a learning curve for Laila, and she initially needed help with confidence and communication. However, with the support of family, friends, faculty and staff, she persevered and transformed herself into a confident student leader. She highlighted the support she received Rubina and Rudy from the admissions information office, who she now counts as friends. “They helped me a lot, especially Rudy, who believed in me, guided me toward my career and really understands me. I am what I am today because of their immense support. Meeting them is one of the best things that happened to me.”

Laila is the first in her family to attend college. She chose Kingsborough Community College for its prestigious reputation, particularly its nursing department. Besides her studies, she actively participates in extracurricular activities including Phi Theta Kappa (the international honor society) and the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) program. She also served as a student ambassador in 2022.

What sets KCC apart for Laila is its excellent faculty and staff and its unique private beach—a feature no other CUNY college can boast. She finds solace and relaxation by the ocean, providing a reprieve from the stresses of college life.

A friend already involved in the Student Government Association (SGA) convinced Laila to get involved. Initially, she’d only focused on her studies but soon realized the importance of extracurricular activities for personal growth and resume building and successfully ran for office. As an SGA member, she aspires to build confidence, enhance her communication skills, and become a better leader for the college community.


Laila believes that SGA involvement is an opportunity to connect with peers and understand college resources better. She especially enjoys assisting students facing challenges she once faced during SGA office hours and participating in college events, where she can interact with students and faculty.

After graduation, Laila plans to work part-time while pursuing a bachelor's degree in nursing at Hunter College, aiming to become a registered nurse.

She offers valuable advice for new college students: focus on studies, manage time wisely, seek help—whether personal or academic—when needed, and avoid procrastination.

Laila’s journey from a timid introvert to an engaged student leader is a testament to her growth and determination. It is an inspiring example of resilience, growth, and dedication to making a positive impact in the community.