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President’s Weekly Messages

Like winning the lottery, only better

Monday, August  1, 2022 

Dear KCC Students,  

Can you imagine?!! Someone in Illinois won the $1.337 billion Mega Millions jackpot!  I wish I played those lucky numbers.   Lucky for you, you have your own set of numbers that have the potential to change your life in incredible ways.

  • 1 - Many of you are the 1st in your family to go to college and when you graduate, will be the first person to earn a college degree
  • 12 - The amount of credits you take as a full time student that gets you finished faster
  • 39 -  The number of days left until the start of classes (September 9th)
  • 183 - If you are planning to finish your degree this semester,  the number of days until January 31, when your degree is conferred
  • 318 – If this is your last year at KCC, this is the number of days until you graduate on June 15, 2023 

I don’t need to tell you that earning your college degree is not about luck, it is about all the hard work you have already put in, the time you invested, and your focus on achieving your academic and professional goals.   Earning your college degree is the ultimate Jackpot!  

So, if you need help registering for the Fall semester, reach out to your advisor:  


You can register on your own through CUNYFirst:

Also, if you need more information about tuition payment options, checkout the Bursars office:


If you are experiencing issues related to things like childcare or housing the Kingsborough (ARC) Access, Resource Center is here to help at:

KCC students, I missed writing you over the past few weeks and missed reading your responses to me, but my thoughts have never been far from thinking about you.     I hope that you are enjoying your summer.  As I have shared with you in a previous message or messages, I hope that you have found time to unwind, do things that bring you joy and reconnect with friends and family.  I know I can’t wait to connect with you this coming year.  

President Schrader

Like winning the lottery, only better