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President’s Weekly Messages

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Choose Yourself

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 

Dear KCC Students,

There are approximately 5,300 colleges and universities in the United States and of that, over 200 are in the state of New York.  New York City alone is home to 110 colleges and universities.  The City University of New York (CUNY) is home to 25 colleges; 7 of which are community colleges.  We know you had a lot of choices of where you wanted to earn your college degree, and I want you to know that we are happy and honored that you chose Kingsborough Community College!

You chose well! Kingsborough is an incredible college. Not only are we the only community college in Brooklyn (and from where I stand the best in CUNY), we were ranked this year as the best community college in all of New York by  We have also been recognized by the Aspen Institute and as one of the top 4 (2013), top 10 (2019) and top 150 community colleges (not once, not twice but seven consecutive times!!!!!!!) in the United States.

  We have the only Polysomnography (Sleep Tech) program in New York City/CUNY.  We are the only college in NYC that offers an A.A.S. in Maritime Technology.  We were the first CUNY institution to offer a fully on-line Liberal Arts degree program and now are the only CUNY community college to offer full online degree programs in Accounting, the Business of Fashion, Community Health, Tourism and Hospitality, Chemical Dependency Counseling, and Business Administration.   Over 45 programs of study and the fabulous faculty who teach in them are two of the many reasons why students flock to KCC; and our support programs and the incredible staff in these offices are some other great reasons. We were the first college to have a food pantry and the first offer a one stop center where students can get information about the government benefits they are eligible for ( ). 

You have made a wise decision in choosing KCC. Our retention rates (which determines the rate at which students return and take classes every semester) and our graduation rates have been consistently high, meaning that a great majority of our students stay on track towards earning their degrees and are able to do so in 2 or 3 years. 

Let’s make it happen for you:

  • REGISTER for classes so you can stay on track to achieving your goals.
  • Avoid having your classes dropped. UPLOAD your Vaccination Information to CUNYFirst by Wednesday, February 23. If you need help call 718 368 6524 or join us on Zoom today (February 22 at 11am  or 4pm and we will walk you through the steps. Register at (https//
  • You are not required to have the Booster to start classes.  However, as soon as you are eligible for the Booster, you will be required to receive it or you will not be able to register for Summer or Fall classes at KCC or any CUNY college.

  KCC Students, we are 11 days away from the start of the Spring semester and you are closer than ever to achieving your goals.   Remember that out of 5,300 colleges and universities in the United States; and 200 in New York State; and 110 in New York City; and 25 in CUNY; and 7 community colleges, you chose Kingsborough.  I have no doubt that you will continue to choose the path that will lead you to success.  

President Schrader