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eBill from CUNYfirst

You can now download your eBill from Self-Service!

For Step-by-step Instructions how to download your eBill from CUNY first please click on this link

CUNYFirst eBill

  1. Log into CUNYFirst.
  2. Select Student Center from the left-hand menu.
  3. Scroll down to the Financial Account section on the page. Then select the Institution (i.e. school) for which you are seeking an eBill.
  4. Select “eBill”.
  5. Then click on the arrow next to the drop-down menu
  6. You will see two eBills. That is, one eBill per term for the two most recent terms in which you were enrolled. (Note: If you have only enrolled in one term at the school you selected in Step #2, you will only see one eBill.)
  7. Disable pop-up blockers.
  8. To view a specific eBill, click on the “eBill” button on the right. (For example, if you want to see your Fall 2018 eBill, click on the button next to “2018 Fall Term”.) The eBill will open in a new window for you to view, print, or download.

To return to your Student Center, click on “Return”. (Do not use your internet browser’s back button.)