English Department Faculty

Faculty Resources

The English Department offers courses in four major program areas: Developmental English, Freshman English, Literature, and Journalism. Teaching across these areas is informed by a commitment to the value of reading, writing, and critical inquiry.

As a faculty, we in the Department of English share certain core premises and practices: we believe in the importance of close examination of texts, and in a writing process that includes extensive revision; we take it that writing instruction is most effective when it goes hand in hand with reading; we allow ourselves to be guided by research that shows that an active pedagogy and collaborative learning can often result in improved outcomes for students; and we strive for excellence by paying attention to our students as individual learners.

These Faculty Resources pages are meant to be as useful as possible for English Department faculty as we teach our courses. If there is anything that you’d like to see here that you don’t, please be in touch with the Director or Co-Director of the relevant program area.