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Meet Your Student Government

2023-2024 Student Government Association


Valeriya Shumyatskaya | SGA Vice President for Finance and Administration

Valeriya Shumyatskaya

Born and raised in northern Russia, Valeriya Shumyatskaya’s path to college was not without its difficulties, including navigating the complexities of the U.S. college admissions process. "Applying to college was challenging," she admits, "especially the paperwork and verification of my Russian diploma."

Despite these obstacles, her tenacity shone through. Now she’s an A student at Kingsborough Community College. She chose liberal arts as a major because it would allow her to explore different subjects and art forms.

Valeriya's family, who are all college-educated, played a role in shaping her scholarly goals, but it's at Kingsborough where her educational pursuits have really taken off. She credits her success to her professors, especially Miriam Grill and Paul Ricciardi, who have provided her with endless inspiration.

Her experiences at Kingsborough have not just been about gaining knowledge but also about advocating for student rights. Noting Valeriya’s strengths in defending the rights of students, an advisor encouraged her to explore getting involved with student government. "I have a strong character that I can use to help other students be heard and improve things for them on campus and in the education system."

This sense of responsibility stems from her belief that while the college system is full of intelligent and educated individuals, they sometimes lack the student perspective. She aims to bridge that gap.

Valeriya's ambitions are varied. An aspiring actor and writer, she also plans on one day running a nonprofit organization. Her academic goals include transferring to a four-year school for creative writing, with Columbia University among her considerations.

Her advice to newcomers at Kingsborough is: "Make an effort, and you’ll soon get the benefits."