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Meet Your Student Government

2023-2024 Student Government Association


Jaiden Pinnock | KCC SGA Senator

Jaiden Pinnock | KCC SGA Senator

Currently living in Rosedale, Queens, and majoring in media arts, Jaiden Pinnock lives and breathes his passion: sports. He's a big fan of both basketball and football. He enjoys playing these sports as much as he loves watching them. But the sports aficionado understands the realities of professional sports.

"Everyone can’t go to the NBA or NFL," he acknowledges. Yet, this hasn't stopped him from pursuing a career close to the action. He aspires to be a professional sports commentator on shows like ESPN's “First Take” and “Get Up,” dissecting and discussing the intricacies of the games.

Jaiden has been diligently working his way toward his goal, already dipping his toes into the world of sports broadcasting. Last year, he became president of the Kingsborough radio club at WKRB 90.3-FM, where he hosts a weekly show where he discusses all things professional sports. Cleverly titled “Couch Potato’s,” you can listen live online at, Mondays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.

While visiting the Student Life office, he saw flyers that piqued his interest in student government. He believes in Kingsborough's untapped potential and wants to be part of a team that promotes positive change. "I see the potential in this college to do so much more," he says. He envisions it becoming "the best community college in all of New York City," a goal he believes is attainable with the support of its dedicated team and staff.

Looking ahead, Jaiden plans to transfer to a four-year college in the fall to complete his bachelor’s degree. The destination remains undecided, but his focus is clear—a major that will lead him into the world of sports broadcasting. Whether it's ESPN, a news network, or radio, Jaiden wants to share his thoughts freely and passionately about sports.

He also hopes to leave a lasting impact on his alma mater. "I hope the school becomes better than it was before I was in student government."