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Message to the Campus

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Happy New (Academic) Year!!!!


Monday, September 11, 2023 


Dear KCC Students,

Welcome and Welcome Back!  It is the dawn of a new academic year!  A world class education from an incredible professors, unmatched support from an outstanding community of staff, and experiences both in and out of the classroom that will transform and enrich your lives awaits you on the horizon. The faculty and staff at Kingsborough are committed to your success.  They will challenge you to think critically and mentor you so you can grow professionally.  The incredible staff at Kingsborough are here to support you every step of the way; from advisors who help you stay on track towards meeting your academic goals to career and transfer advisors who help you to ascend to even greater heights. 

 Even though we are with you every step of the way, this is a journey that you have to take the lead on. That means seeking help when you need it.   It means connecting with your professors before or after class or during their office hours.    It means taking advantage of opportunities that come your way.  And, my personal favorite… it means checking your email on a regular basis.   Email is the number one way that the college is able to share important information, remind you about critical dates and deadlines and notify you about resources to support your success.  You can expect an email from me every week and you can always email me with questions, ideas or concerns at

 We also use social media: Facebook and Instagram to share information.  Consider signing up and following the college on FB @CUNYkcc and IG @CUNYkcc or me on IG @kingsboroughpres. 

I speak on behalf of the faculty and staff of the College when I say that we are so proud of your decision to obtain a college degree at Kingsborough Community College and we are committed to ensuring that you do so.  

Great things await you!

 Drop me a note and let me know  how your first day was! (

 Have a great semester!   

 Dr. Claudia Schrader