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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

A Single Twig

Dear KCC students, 

There is a Native American saying that tell us: A single twig breaks, but the bundle of twigs is strong.

Essentially, this saying reminds us that there is strength in numbers.  You can apply this thinking to your time here at KCC as well. 

 If you are like me, you are probably very good at (and prefer) studying by yourself and tackling projects, readings and assignments on your own.   But if you are also like me, you realize that there are times when studying with others, talking about assignments, figuring out projects and reviewing lectures and your notes with classmates is helpful.  Taking the time to caucus with a classmate can either validate that you are on the right track, or help you to get on the right track. 

 Going it alone when you are not sure you understand is a recipe for failure.  Fortunately at KCC we have a bundle of resources like the Kingsborough Learning Center  that are here to help you succeed. 

KCC students, there is no need to go it alone.  There are thousands of students heading in the same direction you are: towards earning a college degree and hundreds of faculty and staff like me who will help you to get there.

Let’s go! One month down, and approximately 65 more days to go until the end of the semester.  Make every moment count!

Have a great week!

-  President Schrader