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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

T'is the Season!

Autum leaves

Monday, September 25, 2023

Dear KCC Students,

It's hard to believe that Autumn started this past Saturday.  We can expect for temperatures to drop. We'll go from trees with branches full of green leaves, then gradually the leaves will turn yellow, brown and fall to the ground-- in fact that's why they also call this season fall.  

And speaking about fall...

If you did not do as well as you wanted to do last semester or in the college you transferred from because you didn't take college seriously, now is not the time to fall back into those habits.  Develop new ones, like scheduling time each week (an hour or so for each class you are taking) to complete your assignments, re read chapters or read ahead; or form a study group with your classmates.

If you are a new student, do not fall for it when they tell you college is just like high school.  It is not.  Your professors expect a lot from you, and while they are very supportive, the responsibility for succeeding falls on your shoulders.  But I know you got this and you should know that because your success is our business, we got you.  KCC has many resources that will help you succeed. Check them out here:

I need you all to know that stumbling is not falling.  If you don't do well on an assignment or a test, reflect on your approach and make the necessary changes.  You can also reach out to your professor so you can figure out where you may have gone wrong so you can do better next time.   

It is the third week of the semester, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed with all that is expected of you and might be thinking about calling it quits.  Don't do that. If you feel this way, reach out to your professor or a KCC staff member; reach out to your advisor; and you can even reach out to me because we are here to break your fall.

KCC students you are on your way to earning your college degree and that alone means that you are in your winning season!

Have a great week!

-President Schrader