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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

Monday, January 23, 2023

Dear KCC students, Lunar

Happy Lunar/ Chinese New Year!

This year we celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. Did you know that the rabbit is regarded as the luckiest animal in the Chinese Zodiac?  I am sure you have heard someone say “you lucky rabbit” or you probably know someone who walked around with a rabbit’s foot keychain to bring them good luck.  But with rabbits, in not just luck, rabbits are smart. 

Lore has it that the rabbit was one of 12 animals that in a race to the Jade Emperor to determine the order of the Chinese Zodiac.  However, the rabbit could not swim, and had to think quickly and strategically about how they would cross the river.  And they did so by crossing in a raft.  

Rabbits are not only regarded as being smart, but traditionally they are a symbol of hope.  Because of this, the year of the Rabbit is seen as a prosperous time.

KCC students, this is not the time for you to sit back and wait for the good times to roll.  This is the time for you to hop to it and make progress on your path toward prosperity.  And I am not just talking about wealth, I am talking about your success!

So, if you haven’t already done so contact your advisor and register for classes.

If you need to make payment arrangements, contact the Bursars Office

If you are taking classes this winter and you need help, reach out to the Learning Center for academic support. 

If you already registered for classes, start organizing your schedule for the upcoming semester so you set aside time to study and do your course work every week.

If you are experiencing other challenges, let me know how we can help.

If you are excited for the start of the semester and what this year brings, drop me a line to share your good vibes.

KCC students, I want you to know that this might be the Year of the Rabbit, but it is also Your Year to shine!

-President Schrader