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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

Now give me my theme music!


Monday, September 18, 2023

Good Monday Morning KCC Students,

I have to admit even though I don't understand football, I don't like football, and I don't watch football, I am fascinated with  University of Colorado Boulder's football coach, Deion Sanders who is also known as 'Prime Time'.   His love of the game and personality has breathed life into the sport.  It also helps that he exudes incredible confidence.  At the end of his pregame talk to players, he ends with saying: "Now give me my theme music!".

KCC Students, this is not the pregame... in fact this is not a game at all. Your education is a serious matter.  But I have to ask, what's your theme music?   What song will give you the energy, focus and reminder that you have everything it takes to be successful?  

Whether it is a song, a prayer or an affirmation,  remind yourself daily that you are in your winning season.  And remember we are here to help you win.  Check out our student resources page at for offices and services that are here to support you through your academic journey.  

Today I am dedicating my theme music to you: Superstar by Lupe Fiasco.  He reminds us not to be afraid, to stay true to ourselves and  remember what our mission is.

Have a great week!

-President Schrader