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President’s Weekly Messages to Students

Let's talk

Monday, November 8, 2022

Dear KCC Students,

It is election day! If you are registered to vote, I urge you to exercise your right to vote.  I hope you have taken the time to research candidates and the issues that we will be voting on,  because it is important that you make informed decisions when you go to the polls.   

As some of you may know, last week there was an incident in the cafeteria involving KCC students.  As a result, one student had to be detained.  There is inaccurate information being circulated around campus with information about the incident, persons involved, KCC Public Safety Officers and the outcome.  What I can tell you is that  no one has been dismissed from the College and the incident and all related matters continue to be investigated.  I understand that the sentiment across the country and our city regarding law enforcement officers which has manifested itself in negative ways.  At KCC, our Public Safety Officers are responsible for not only ensuring the safety of every member of our college community, but to ensure that students achieve their educational goals.

Part of being a college student means developing your voice and becoming civically engaged.  Because of the claims of racism surrounding the incident, this Thursday we will host a Town Hall from 3pm to 4pm to have a civil discourse about these very important, yet sometimes difficult to discuss, topics.  My understanding is that there is a protest planned.  You have the right to protest, but within this framework, I must remind you about your responsibility as a student to follow the College’s policies and procedures. Every member of the college community including faculty, staff and students, are expected to abide by the Henderson Rules to Maintain Public Order also found at

Finally, our college values — Respect, Diversity, Integrity, Excellence, Accountability and Innovation — are not just words that we put up on columns in the Student Union & Intercultural Center (SU&IC) Breezeway, but are behaviors that we expect each member of the community to live up to.  KCC students, continue to strive to do so, stay safe and stay on track towards meeting your educational goals.

I look forward to hearing from you at the Town Hall.  Know that this will be the first in what I hope a will be series of conversations with students about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

President Schrader